Year 11 Course Selection 2025

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The process of selecting courses for Year 11 is an important time in your daughter’s education. The curriculum offered up until Year 10 has consisted largely of compulsory courses together with some options. However, Year 11 allows greater choice. It provides students the opportunity to choose a course/s that may better reflect their interests.

Furthermore, it allows young people the exciting chance to consider future directions for study as well as potential careers. At Mercedes College, we believe student choices should align with their circumstances, demonstrated work ethic, ability and ambitions.

This guide is designed to provide a succinct yet comprehensive overview of the Year 11 subject selection process. It is hoped that you will find this site helpful and user-friendly.

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Please note, this guidance document is only for those students completing Year 12 in 2026. It does not apply to any other year group. All information is accurate at the time of release; however, changes beyond our control are possible.

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