Modern History ATAR

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This course examines developments of significance in the modern era, including the ideas that inspired them, their far-reaching consequences and historical legacy that have helped to define the contemporary world. Modern History enhances students’ curiosity and imagination and their appreciation of larger themes, individuals, movements and events, that provides them with a broader and deeper comprehension of the world in which they live. The skills and knowledge gained, provide insights, inform judgments and actions and encourages students to reflect on the significance of the past and how and why it is relevant and valued in a rapidly changing 21st century world. Students will study: UNIT 1: The Meiji Restoration 1853- 1911 – including causes, consequences and significance of this fascinating and transformative period of Japanese history. UNIT 2: Nazism in Germany – including the circumstances which contributed to the rise of Nazism, the nature and effect of the Nazi state and the legacy of Nazism after WWII. In Year 12 students will study Russia and the Soviet Union (World War I − end World War II) and The Modern World Since 1945.

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Choosing history has allowed me to have a broader understanding of the world around me. When you walk into a history classroom, your mind opens up. It has helped me further my reasoning, analytical techniques, and understanding of how the modern world developed. The skills I’ve learnt are applicable across all my courses and enhance my understanding of subjects such as Religion, Politics & Law and Literature. Lottie Berinson, Class of 2023.

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