Physical Education Studies ATAR

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Required: B grade in Year 10 Physical Education and General Science 

Recommended: Shown potential in all aspects of the Year 10 Physical Education Studies or Sport Recreation courses 

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The Physical Education Studies ATAR course focuses on the complex interrelationships between motor learning, psychological, biomechanical and physiological factors that influence individual and team performance. Students engage as performers, leaders, coaches, analysts and planners of physical activity.

Throughout the course, emphasis is placed on understanding and improving performance in physical activities. The integration of theory and practice is central to studies in this course. Physical activity and sport are used to develop skills and performance along with an understanding of physiological, anatomical, psychological, biomechanical and skill learning applications.

The course prepares students for a variety of post-school pathways, including immediate employment or tertiary studies. It provides students with an increasingly diverse range of employment opportunities in the sport, leisure and recreation industries, education, sport development, youth work, and health and medical fields linked to physical activity and sport.

The Physical Education Studies course will appeal to a broad spectrum of students, with varying backgrounds, physical activity knowledge and dispositions.

The course content is divided into five interrelated theoretical content areas which carry a 70% weighting for the overall subject:

– Motor learning & coaching

– Functional Anatomy

– Biomechanics

– Exercise physiology

– Sport psychology.

The practical component makes up the remaining 30% for the course, students will develop physical skills and tactics in; Badminton, Netball and Volleyball

  • Subject Certificate of Excellence and Certificate of Distinction achieved in 2019.
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The Physical Education Studies course has elements of both practical and theory. The practical component is an in-depth analysis and participation in sports such as Netball, Volleyball and Badminton in which we use the SCSA curriculum to identify the technique needed before choosing our desired sport. The theory aspect of the course uses successful sporting examples to relate to the content learned. Covering five different theory topics, it allows variation, interest and enjoyment to result from topics such as motor learning and coaching and functional anatomy.

Madison Carbery, Class of 2020

Year 12 Physical Education Studies ATAR

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