Humanities and Social Sciences in Action General

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In the Humanities and Social Sciences in Action course students will explore and investigate current and significant global issues and topics. This dynamic course empowers you to become a socially aware and active participant in society, enhancing your ability to make informed decisions on important social issues.   Explore everything from local to global challenges, and discover how individuals, groups, and governments can drive societal change. This inquiry-based course sharpens your skills in questioning, researching, analysing, evaluating, and communicating. Learn to view complex issues from multiple perspectives, crucial for effecting meaningful change.   Prepare for the future with skills that are transferable to further education, training, the workplace, and your community. Humanities and Social Sciences in Action is your launchpad to success, equipping you with the capabilities needed to thrive in modern society. Student agency will be fostered, providing them with the tools and knowledge to make meaningful impact in society!

There are three types of assessment in this course: Social action investigation (30% weighting). A social action investigation will require students to collect and analyse information, including data, to investigate an issue. Commentary (30% weighting). A commentary will require students to maintain a summary of their learning about an issue. Students complete at least four entries at various times during the teaching and learning of the syllabus content. Response (40% weighting). A response can include questions that require students to apply knowledge and skills to analyse, interpret and evaluate stimulus material and/or respond to questions based on the syllabus content and is conducted in class under test conditions. Syllabus and other SCSA documentation can be found HERE

This is a new course for 2025

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