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    Media Production and Analysis General

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The Media Production and Analysis General course aims to prepare students for a future in a digital and interconnected world by providing the skills, knowledge and understandings to tell their own stories and interpret the stories of others. Students are encouraged to explore, experiment and interpret their world, reflecting and analysing contemporary life, while understanding that this is done under social, cultural and institutional constraints. Students, as users and creators of media products, consider the important role of audiences and their context. This course focuses on the development of technical skills in the practical process. This course is made up of 70% production and 30% written. Across year 11 and 12, four units are studied in General Media Production and Analysis. These units are: Mass Media; Point of View; Entertainment and Representation and Reality.

  • Link to the Year 11 syllabus can be found HERE.
  • Link to Australian Teachers of Media WA site which provides resources to students and teachers can be found HERE.
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General Media Production and Analysis has been an enjoyable subject as we get to express our own ideas through the media work we produce. An example is when I designed a print publication about one of my favourite TV series. This subject is really engaging as we participate in many different media activities such as filming the musical, completing a live broadcast simulation in the green screen room and radio recording studio, and visiting ABC Radio Perth. I would recommend this subject to students who are interested in developing skills in using a range of media technologies in a practical way. Bijou Birt, 2024 Graduate[/st_item_accordion]

Year 12 Media Production and Analysis General.