Applied Information Technology General

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Students can still achieve high success in the course even if they have not continued on with Digital Technologies subjects in Years 9 and 10.

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The development and application of digital technologies impact most aspects of living and working in our society. These rapid changes have created new challenges and opportunities in lifestyle, entertainment, education and commerce. Skills in this area are in constant and high demand. Hence, this will lead to better employability opportunities. This course provides students with the necessary digital technologies skills to become world ready. It facilitates developing the necessary skills and knowledge required to face the world’s ever-changing digital climate. The practical application of skills, techniques and strategies to solve information problems is a key focus of the course. Students investigate client-driven issues and challenges, devise solutions, produce models or prototypes and finally evaluate and refine the design solution. Students also gain an understanding of computer systems and networks. In undertaking projects and designing solutions, the legal, ethical and social issues associated with each solution are also considered and evaluated. The Applied Information Technology General course provides a sound theoretical and practical foundation, offering excellent transferable skills and pathways to further studies in a wide range of careers.

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  • Expertise in technology makes you stand out from the rest of the crowd, ensuring you a competitive edge and higher chances of employability.
  • Technology offers transferable skills even if your primary career choice is in another field.

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