Italian: Second Language General

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The Italian: Second Language General course is designed to enable students to gain knowledge and an understanding of the culture and the language of Italian-speaking communities. The course focuses on the interrelationship of language and culture, and equips students with the skills needed to function in an increasingly globalised society, a culturally and linguistically diverse local community, and provides them with the foundation for life-long language learning.

Relevant and engaging tasks, delivered through a range of appropriate contexts and topics, develop literacy in the Italian language as well as extend literacy development in English.

  • A language gives students an edge in the workplace. Especially Italian as the hospitality and Tourism industries in Australia have strong connections with the Italy and the Italian communities.
  • All students who would like to study a language needs to complete the application for permission to enrol in a WACE language course. To access the application form, please click HERE. 
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  • This course will provide the student with the following opportunities:
    • WAATI/Intercultura 2 month Exchange Programme to Italy, click on this LINK for more information
    • Hosting an Exchange Student from Italy
    • Study Tour to Italy


New course offering for 2021.

Year 12 Italian: Second Language General

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